The Deep Tissue


This service is a more client-tailored massage aimed at attacking their problem areas.  Deep Tissue massage targets the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues using moderate to high intensity at the discretion of the client***.   Based on the pre-session interview, we will assess the state of the problem area with respect to tonicity (muscle tightness) and range of motion.  From the assessment, we will apply the appropriate techniques for maximum effectiveness.  This session will help remove restrictions that can cause pain and limit mobility. 

***fibromyalgia, chronic muscle stiffness

***This modality can at times be quite intensive, thus the client and therapist may maintain communication throughout the session.

**Do not expect a full body massage – the focus will be on the problem areas – SOFTER****

–        Focus will be on specific area only and may not include a full body massage

**Relief from stubborn, sore spots

Also great for releasing knots; similar to trigger-point therapy

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