Swedish Massage

Swedish massage, the therapist performs various massage techniques. These movements warm up the muscle tissue, releasing tension and gradually breaking up muscle “knots” or adhered tissues, called adhesions. Swedish massage promotes relaxation, among other health benefits.

Facial and Skin Treatment

Kisses Sweet Classic Facial  $55 (Dermalogica) $65 (Kimberly Parry Organics)    A customized facial for your skin with special treatment.  Deep cleanse, assessment, exfoliation, extractions as needed and/or wanted,  and masque and/ or spot  treatment for your specific needs. Gain and keep  healthy skin by using the KSS techniques and Dermalogica or Kimberly Parry Organic products […]

Emerging Therapies

A gentle form of healing energy  healing.  The client fully clothed on a massage table allows the therapist to hold certain points along the body. These points connect the chakras, energy meridians, and acupressure points to release stuck energy resulting from past tension and trauma. IET  provides a sense of freedom from stress , increases […]

The Sports/Athletic Therapy Massage

For sports oriented individuals looking to maximize the performance of their muscles through various techniques in order to rid the body of waste associated with vigorous sports activities (i.e. running, lifting, Zumba,  cycling, etc.).  Techniques with this modality are interactive, thus the therapist will ask the client to perform a series of active movements when […]

The Deep Tissue

This service is a more client-tailored massage aimed at attacking their problem areas.  Deep Tissue massage targets the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues using moderate to high intensity at the discretion of the client***.   Based on the pre-session interview, we will assess the state of the problem area with respect to tonicity (muscle […]

The Classic Relaxation Massage

The Classic Relaxation Massage consists of traditional Swedish techniques which are very effective for restoring the body’s homeostasis (balance) to normal.  Techniques include long, fluid strokes and gentle stretching to release tension from day-to-day activities.  This service is a great introduction for those new to receiving bodywork and also can be a gateway to a […]